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We ‘heart’ Jamie and Emma’s ‘Tube’s Got Talent’ campaign. The zany presenters from Heart London radio are on a mission to find London’s Best Tube Announcer.


We’ve all been there, sitting (or standing more like) on a hot, sweaty tube when a voice pipes up over the crackling airwaves to cheerily tell us to mine the gap, hold on tight or simply smile! I remember, when I first came to London, my daily commute involved travelling on the number 73 bus (ok, so not a tube but still public transport) from Clapton Common to Islington. The bus conductor provided running commentary and made the most banal happenings hilarious. I’ve never forgotten him. So, it made me even more delighted that London’s Best Tube Announcers are having a moment. We’ve been sifting through the finalists (winner announced tomorrow) and we’re giving it up to Leon Tsui who is stationed at Walthamstow Central and has the catchphrase ‘one small step for you one giant gap for the man behind’


Leon is Top of the Tube

Leon is Top of the Tube

We’re planning a special trip to Walthamstow just so we can see the man in action and, in the meantime, we’re hoping he’s crowded ‘King of the Underground’. To get a Leon Fix watch him here….



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