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Want people to have that warm, fuzzy feeling about your brand?


Here’s how Hands On PR can help…


Step 1: Create Awareness


You might have spent months getting your brand ready for launch, it goes live and nothing happens. You wonder why? Unfortunately, here’s where the hard bit starts. Creating awareness for your brand is key to sales and success. Take time and get to know your target audience. What do they read? What are their browsing habits? How do they like to communicate with their favourite brands? Tell them you exist, what you do and how you fit into their lifestyle.


Step 2: Brand build


Ok, so now you’re on your target audience’s radar but how to do you stay there?  Think about your key messages and what makes you relevant and drive this home! Think of creative ways to get your brand name and key message out there. Ensure all PR communication promotes your key messages, even if it’s subtle. Be consistent. Ensure everything you put out there harks back to your messages and core values, keep doing this and you won’t be forgotten


Step 3: Build Trust

If you gain someone’s trust then it’s likely you’ve gained his or her loyalty too. Build trust by generating positive reviews in the media and social channels you know your audience consumes. People trust recommendations from a third party more than a brand itself. Think of it in a personal context. You wouldn’t trust a person at a party who bragged and told you how brilliant they are. However, you would if a friend, independently, told you how fantastic they were (we rest our case).


Step 4: Build an online reputation

Where is your first port of call when you want to discover something…8 out of 10 people say Google. Therefore it’s important you have an online presence and not just your website. By generating quality coverage, which is shared digitally, you are widening your net. A potential consumer if more likely to sit up and take notice if they see online articles promoting your product plus it will help with your SEO. Hands On PR has tried and tested ways of getting positive, online coverage for your brand. It remains a permanent reminder of just how great you are and a fantastic why of boosting your brand’s online reputation.


Step 5: Having a social buzz


Consumers expect the brands they love and use to have a presence on social media. Done right it’s a great way to build your brand’s personality, chat to your target audience and find out what they’re up to. It’s important to chose the right social channels which support your brand image.  Think about creating shareable and original content and find influencers in your field to work with. Social media is time consuming but worth it, if it’s done right. Hands On PR offers Social Media Management and works with clients to ensure their social channels are engaged and active.