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Think Italian food, think Gazzano’s, London’s oldest family run Italian Deli. A shopping destination, which transports you into the heart of Italy and all that’s tasty about Italian food and ingredients.

In our new series Take 5 Questions we chat to the owners of smaller businesses doing brilliant things. We get up close and personal to find out why their business is thriving and what makes their customers tick…

First up is Joe Gazzano. Four generations of the same family have worked at Gazzano’s since arriving from Italy’s Amalfi coast in 1911. Joe is the current owner and boy is he doing a good job. Here’s what he has to say…

Italians and Italian food lovers flock to Gazzano’s deli in Farrington as well as shopping at its online store.

1) What’s currently tickling their taste buds?

At the moment the deli is busier than ever. Customers are experimenting with different flavours of salami as well as looking at a greater variety of cheeses and tomatoes. The Pool 5It’s really noticeable people are getting bolder at asking for advice on the best ingredients for recipes and what goes with what. Food lovers are after authentic flavours from Italy and how to prepare dishes, which are true to Italian home cooking. The shop really is buzzing!



2) What’s the most rewarding aspect of your job? 

Introducing people to new brands and ingredients they might not have thought off. It’s great to see regulars getting more and more adventurous and getting excited about the meals and dishes they’ve made with Gazzano’s produce.


3) Is social media important to your business? 

We have always known social media is going to play a big part in Gazzano’s future. We are starting to prepare for the next phase of our online strategy when we will fully utilise social media to the best effect. We strongly believe that no business can successfully expand without social media being one of the foundations for expansion.


4) Do you think it’s important Independent shops/retailers have an online presence? 

In the current climate any retailer, be they large or small, must have an online presence to be competitive in the ever growing e-commerce marketplace. Since launching Gazzano’s online shop we’ve attracted customers from across the UK who ordinarily wouldn’t have shopped with us, or didn’t know about us. We have also seen a trend of customers moving out of London but still shopping online with us, just because they can!


5) What’s your favourite ‘quick cook’ dish after a long day in the deli 

There are so many to mention! However if I had to pick three they would be

1) Eggs in purgatori which is baked eggs in a rich tomato sauce.

2) Real Carbonara (which incidentally, isn’t made with cream)

3) Pasta al forno which is baked Pasta with rich tomato sauce and aubergine

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