> Introducing Children’s Art Galleries
Introducing Children’s Art Galleries
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Do you feel guilty recycling your children’s artwork?

Keen to preserve mini masterpieces to keep childhood memories alive?

What to inspire creativity at home?

If you’re a parent then you will probably  answer YES to at least two of the above questions. If that is the case  you need to be in the know about Hands On PR’s latest client.


Children’s Art Galleries is the UK’s first art gallery for Kids. The online destination allows parents to create a gallery of their children’s masterpieces, from toddler to teen, whilst inspiring their creativity by browsing and enjoying other works of art from kids’ around the world. They can even order a printed album containing favourite pieces from their child’s art collection.


Says Dean Burnage, Father of 3 and Director of Creativity at Children’s Art Galleries:


“Young children fizz with ideas and love creating whether it’s gluing, pasting, making or drawing. Our research clearly revealed parents want to treasure their artwork forever but space can be an issue when you’re hoarding years of mini masterpieces! We wanted to create a destination that not only enables parents to display and keep a record of their children’s artwork but gets them inspired by other creative youngsters.”


Children’s Art Galleries celebrates creativity and aims to empower kids to use their imagination and experiment with different ideas and mediums to ensure they fizz with ideas well into adult life.


We can’t wait to start spreading the word