In top-tips

You’ve been plotting and planning your holiday for weeks and now getaway day is dawning. After putting lots of effort into your social media accounts, which you’ve probably been growing yourself, the last thing you want is for them to lose momentum while you’re busying sipping sangria and enjoying the rays. Luckily there are quick and easy ways you can prepare so you can check out on holiday but still keep your social accounts active and up-to-date.


Before you go be prepared and gather together content similar to your normal publishing levels. You won’t be able to publish time-sensitive posts or reply to real-time events so instead, look ahead and pinpoint key calendar dates for your business or your industry, in general, and prepare content around them. Look back to the same time last year and regurgitate any content which had high engagement levels and worked wonders for you. Compile a sensible and realistic social content calendar for the posts that will be published while you’re away, knowing you have relevant content going out at regular intervals will ease social media separation anxiety!


Schedule your posts via a platform for managing social media, like Hootsuite which allows you to schedule many messages at one time.

Other tips to ensure you transition from work to holiday mode is as painless as possible are set your out-of-office reply in your email so people don’t think you’re ignoring them when really you’re just on holiday. People need to know when you went, when you’ll return and who they can turn to if there’s an emergency. Make sure there’s Wi-Fi at your destination, just in case you need to tune into work life… and finally don’t forget to pack your phone and chargers!


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