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Why Instagram? 

Instagram is a mobile photo and video sharing network and a powerful marketing tool, which shouldn’t be overlooked by smaller businesses. Used correctly it’s a great way to build and enhance your brand identity and help drive those all-important sales. More importantly, for smaller businesses, it doesn’t require great resource.

By building an Instagram feed for your brand you can engage with current and potential customers offering them an intimate space when they can comment, like and share your images and videos. Making them feel part of your brand journey will encourage brand loyalty and recommendation.

Example Instagram feed

Hands On Instagram

Top Tips

Here’s a few top tips on maximising your feed:

• Chose a theme for your feed. Think about your brand, what does it embody, what do you sell, what do you want to be known for?


• Link Instagram to your other social media channels. It saves times because it provides an instant post to your other feeds and will encourage followers to check out your Instagram feed if they haven’t already


• Don’t feel like all your images have to be preened and polished. Sometimes your followers like to see the ‘real you’ so behind the scene shots or pictures of you preparing for an event or photo shoot work well


• You want your pictures to work together so try to use the same filter, or none at all


• Share the love. Don’t forget to comment on other people’s photos. It shows you’re interested, active and aware


• Liven up your feed with videos. Keep them short and fresh. You can also embed them on your website or blog


• Try and respond to direct comments on your feed. If followers are taking the time to comment then you should too


• Be consistent and make sure you post regularly. One to three times a day is spot on


Hope that helps!


Hands on PR Social  signing off…