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There’s no escaping it Christmas is coming…fast! How often do you resolve to teach the kids about giving at Christmas rather than just receiving? Although more often than not, quicker than you can say Santa another Christmas goes by and you haven’t really done anything meaningful. Don’t worry it happens to the best of us which is why we are LOVING a simple but genius campaign, which has resurfaced on Facebook, by the fabulous Mum in the Madhouse Blog.


Initially launched in 2015 the campaign entitled ‘acts of kindness for advent’ features a Reverse Advent Calendar. Ok, so you can’t really deprive little people of the rush of excitement as they charge downstairs in the morning to open a little door to reveal a daily surprise but you can link it to giving.



Last year Mum in the Madhouse found a big box, which she put in easy reach of her sons’ advent calendar. Each day, when they opened an advent door, they also reached for the kitchen cupboards and put an item of food in the box. At the end of advent they had a box brimming with tasty treats and staple items. On Christmas Eve they set off to their local bank and delivered the box of goodies.

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We contacted our local food bank to find out what they thought about the idea. They welcome all support and this would be gratefully received. Don’t forget to check what they need and want they don’t. Most food banks will include a list on their websites or items to bring and those they have enough off. Here’s Brent’s wish list…


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We think children will love this idea. At the start of advent give them a shopping list of things the food bank is looking for, making sure your cupboards are stocked with them. Then, each day of advent, once they’ve opened their door, send them off on a treasure hunt to find something to put in the box.


This idea can be extended throughout the year. For example a countdown to birthdays or holidays because remember a food bank isn’t just for Christmas.


Please share this idea. If you can get five friends doing a Reserve Advent Calendar we can hopefully spread some family love this Christmas.


Happy Reserve Advent Calendar Planning!


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