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Chances are if you live or work near Kensal Rise you’ve paid numerous visits to Gracelands Yard. An emporium of everything great to make you feel energised, alive and recharged. This buzzing creative and holistic centre, in North West London, caters for all the family and its abundance of therapies, classes and events means you’ll be going back time and time again. We could go on but instead we’re going to hand you over to the charming proprietor of The Yard, Kirsty Slattery, who has answered our five questions.



Please, tell us a bit about Gracelands Yard


We have been open for the last 9 years, and we are a Creative-Holistic centre aimed at providing classes and treatments for all; complementary therapies, yoga classes, babies and kids classes, music lessons, dance, meditation, pilates, and more, all with a focus on happiness health and wellbeing.




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Gracelands Yard has a great community feel, how have you achieved this?


My vision has always been to make The Yard a sort of ‘hub’ for the community. A friendly space for people of all ages and backgrounds, to drop in for a chat, for advice, to treat themselves to a massage, or buy an aromatherapy candle, to book a complementary health appointment, to learn something new (like an instrument or craft), to bring children to unique art sessions or to enjoy our gorgeous yoga, meditation and Pilates classes, which are suitable for everyone to participate in.



What is the most rewarding part of your day?


The most rewarding part of my day is the smiles! The clients after their effective treatments; the toddlers after their fun-filled ballet or music classes; the happy relaxed smiles post-yoga etc! The energy that is created everyday in The Yard is always so strong and positive, and that in itself is the most rewarding!

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You must see lots of trends developing at The Yard – whether it’s new therapies, classes for kids, health/beauty products. What’s hot for summer 2016?


Customers currently love the range of Suneeta products we sell – all natural, in small pots, inexpensive and just smelling beautiful! In the lead up to the Summer, the yoga and Pilates classes have all been incredibly popular with everyone working hard for their Summer bodies, and also using the opportunity to relax and wind down at the end of the school year, too… om!


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We love your new website. What’s next for Gracelands Yard?


We have recently added an online shop selling all the most popular products here at The Yard; our delicious own brand in aromatherapy candles and melt bars, mala beads, incense and herb teas.






From September we will be adding our new Blog to keep everyone up to date with what’s happening here, plus contributions on health, happiness and well-being from our in-house complementary therapists. We have a brand new timetable from September with exciting new classes (including gong and kriya yoga), treatments (including lymphatic drainage and holistic facials) and special events, like our Yoga Suppers, Feng Shui workshops and pop-up markets.


Thanks for your time Kirsty, maybe see you soon for a spot of Kriya Yoga!