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Ok, hands up. Who has dusted down their trainers and hit the streets after being inspired by the London Marathon? We have, and in the aftermath of the UK’s most famous road race, we thought it was only right to cajole the lovely Andrew Dixon, Editor of the UK’s largest running magazine Runner’s World, into answering a few questions. Here’s what he had to say…


 1) Which Media brand do you wish had been your idea?

Google. Think of a time when you couldn’t just Google any question you could think of or a half remembered song lyric into your computer and get the answer in an instant. Not being able to do that seems primitive, but less than 20 years ago we couldn’t. I think Google have found a way to make a truckload of cash and yet still offer something genuinely useful to people. Google maps was a gamechanger, even Streetview is useful. Yes, there are privacy concerns, and soon their servers will need the size of a desert to house them, and they’ve killed the pub quiz, but overall it has changed the way we live for the better. And if I’d thought of that I’d be a billionaire.


2) What will the media landscape look like in five years?

Very difficult to say given how fast it’s changed in the last five. But I’d imagine the printed media, both newspapers and magazines, will continue to downsize. The challenge is to replace lost revenue from declining circulation and display ads; digital advertising is growing, but generally not enough to balance the losses. So I’d imagine some well-known brands will either close completely or move to digital-only propositions in the next few years. The women’s weekly sector (including gossip mags) is particularly brutal, but also general lifestyle mags will come under pressure. Specialist and luxury sectors should be more resilient. Elsewhere, our TV viewing habits will become increasingly individualised. And at a certain point in 2018, people will decide they don’t want yet another Marvel universe film.


3) What’s your favourite word and why?

Weasel. It just works. A weasel looks weaselly, doesn’t it? So the sound, feel and meaning of the word are all in perfect harmony.


4) What’s currently getting your attention?  e.g a particular book, podcast, boxset, columnist etc

I really enjoy Marina Hyde’s sport columns in The Guardian. She’s a brilliant writer who can effortlessly mix dry humour, waspish sarcasm and good sense. And I’ve just discovered We Fixed Your Advert on Twitter.


5) What’s the most extreme thing you’ve done for your job?

Probably appearing on The Today Show on Radio 2 a few years ago. I had to defend running after President Sarkozy of France collapsed when he was out on a run. I was verbally sparring with the comedian Arthur Smith, who was saying that running was for lunatics. I was very nervous and did my best, but ultimately I ended up sounding like a fairly boring straight man up against a hardened panel show veteran.


Thanks Andrew, we’ve really enjoyed chatting to you and next time let’s add a run into the mix…..maybe!


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