In top-tips

Your business is going great guns but there’s something missing… ok, well we’re bound to say PR, of course. But do you really need it? How do you know, when a PR agency or freelancer comes knocking at your door, it’s time to take the business of PR seriously?

Here’s a few tell tale signs which mean PR should be on your radar…


  • You’re doing brilliant things, your company’s going places but why do you keep reading or hearing about your competitors. You need a share of voice too and fast…


  • You have news to tell. Slight problem, by the time you get around to sharing it, it’s old news. You need to spread the love sooner to show you’re ahead of the game


  • You were so enthusiastic about having a blog on your website but oh dear, the last blog you wrote was Christmas time. Yikes, it’s time for an update but where do you get the time from to do it?


  • Is social media screaming at you? Do you need to answer a backlog of direct messages? Have you neglected the people you follow or those who constantly like your posts? Quick, you need to get back on the social chain otherwise you’ll end up at the bottom of the pile


  • Is your head constantly buzzing with ideas of how to promote yourself but you just don’t have the time to bring your brilliant thoughts to fruition?


If 2 or more of these signs are familiar perhaps we should chat? Hands On PR offers tailored PR packages for small and independent businesses and start-ups. Working in the family, food and home sector we partner companies to develop and deliver commercially success PR campaigns, which really work. We look forward to chatting soon : )